I know the draw of a tube amp for guitar players. Is the draw the same for bass players? Just wondering what the difference of a solid state bass amp and a tube bass amp.
That is a very good question. With guitar amps, 99.5% of the time, people prefer the sound of tubes over the sound of solid state. Tubes also 'behave' better, even though they are a bit pissy. I can't really think of too many times someone would pick a solid state head over a tube head for their guitar.

Bass, on the other hand, is a totally different beast. The difference between tubes and solid state is a matter of preference.

Tubes distort if pushed hard. Many (if not most) bass players are very protective of their clean tone; they don't want their lovely sparkle to distort unless they stomp on a pedal. In that situation, a person would go with solid state.

Some people like the grunge and growl of an overdriven bass amp (personally, I think it robs the bass of it's brightness; either no distortion or a full on war!). In rock, blues, and some punk situations, tubes are the way to go. The Ampeg SVT Classic is one of the most popular heads out there.

Personally, I think solid state heads handle the super-low frequencies better than tubes. I think most modern bass tones use solid state, and more vintage tones use tubes. In any event, it's a matter of preference, unlike with guitar, where it is totally desirable.
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