I have had an ibanez GRX20, a pretty low model for a few years now, and am looking towards a new guitar, but i dont want to spend too much... actually i cant, im absolutely broke.

So i was wondering if getting new pickups will help it sound better, and what pickups would be best.

I m not sure how much the pickups would change the sound though, and i dont want to get them if they really arent going to do anything really noticeable. The guitar has a powersound 1 and a powersound 2 pickup and i normally only play rock music, like RHCP, Zeppelin, etc.

Hope thats enough info to get some advice, thanks for your time.
since its a low end guitar i would try one of thees. caus ther would be no point of buyin like a dime bucker or something like that.http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitar/navigation/guitar-pickups?N=100001+304379+6&page=1
the ones for electric not acoustic
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yeah my amps a piece of crap, maybe ill just try to find a cheap better amp.
Seymour Duncan JB (Bridge) & Jazz (Neck) would be bliss...

Then again what do you have for and amp and what are you considering (price range?)...