Whenever i bend on hotel California i always hit the other string or the other string makes a noise. What can i do to prevent this. Its on an electric.
bend the other string too. im not sure if that would owrk cuz ive never looked at the hotel california tab. but try that
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yeah just before you hit whichever string you are hitting adjust the angle of your finger so it bends that string too. It will take more finger power but it will get it out of the way. Happy Bending
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when I bend with say my second or third finger , my first finger ( or first and second ) are muting the strings I'm not playing. I'm also muting with my right hand.

I almost always bend with just one finger which is a little different than most players , but it works for me. I see alot of players hooking their thumbs over the neck when they bend and do finger vibrato. this seems to go against proper technique , but alot of great guitarists do this with great results.