anyone ever heard of it? you breath heavy till you get light headed, then your friends like press on your chest and for a few seconds you just go out. i tried it tonight , and let me tell you it was fun, and crazy.

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I heard something like this before where you press on a vein on your neck or something and you pass out. Some girl died from doing it so much.

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It's all fun and game until someone has a stroke.

Not allowing your brain to get oxygen rules!!!!!!!!
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That's really bad for your health. There are also games like this called "Choking Games" and I highly do not recommend it.

Last year, somone in my area died from that.
i did it to a kid and i didn't believe he was really passed out so i dropped him about 6 inches from the ground and his head bounced off the floor. i felt really bad.
Sounds like a great way to accidently die.
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yea, happeend at my school a few years back, me and some friends did it to this kid in PE and he passed out for 5 seconds and we through him in an ant pile, and when he woke up he had ants all over him. so many people started doing it we had an assembly about it, and apparently one of the codewords for doing it is Space monkey. ahahah
i passed out somone like that. take like ten deep breathes and hold the last breathe in. then you put your arms around the person and pick them up from behind. (no homo). when you hear them let their breathe out that means they are out lol. although i don't recommend doin it, it's not good for you and often the persons eyes roll back and shit like a siezure...
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yeah, crouch down and hug your legs. Breathe real fast for a minute, stand up... not a good idea btw.
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never tried it. i've done a head rush though. you sit down and lean forward a lot and breathe in and out really deep but steady, not fast. then after like 30 seconds you jump up really fast, suck in your breath and hold it, and puff out your chest as hard as you can. i've never been high before, but apparently that's what it feels like. it's pretty sweet.

edit: nvm, i got beat to it.
my god, that is stupid... this really says a lot for our generation
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i did it once. it was dumb
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my friend did it to me once and i fell back and hit my head against a window sill. when i came to me friends were like HOLY SHIT ARE YOU OKAY? i didnt feel anything i couldnt tell i had hit it but apparently i hit it really ****ing hard
My friends and I used to get each other out of class with that trick...

Then one of us didn't wake up right away, so we stopped.
everybody on here who has said they have done it should be grateful they are still alive
One time I got up really fast from my bed, stood up to look at my mirror and just fell straight to the floor.

Try it.

And yes I've heard of the game and it seems kind of stupid.
this was on my local news a couple years ago... apperantly thier were a few kids in a near by school who died of strokes or suffocated
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some kid tried to do that to himself cause nobody was around and ended up hanging himself.
p.s.: cc deville - your avatar makes me laugh.

a lot.
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I did it once when I was young and didn't know it was dangerous. It was stupid and scary when you wake up.
Sounds like a fun idea...

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lol, yeah now that i think about it we're pretty damn stupid, looks like i won't be playing that no more after all of those death stories

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threadstarter you copied dark angel322!!!!!!
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... Wow.

Seriously, if you do this, you deserve to die, because you obviously lack the mental capacity to do anything productive in your life.

So please, keep playing. Hopefully you'll win!
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