Alright, so my band is looking to do a cover of Freebird. We have two electric players (one of which is me, the other is also a singer), a bassist, and a drummer. What are you're suggestions as to who should play what parts for what instruments so we can get the most out of this song and make it good live.
Im sure your asking who should play the solo. Why dont you play half and the sing the next half or whatever way you want. Thats what me and my friend do when we play long solo's or just jam. We share a solo. Unless we wrote a song then its our solo.

But as to who plays free bird try the sharing OR. Both learn it and see who plays it better. Have a band vote.

Or if you're lead guitairst then you should play it..
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Whoever is the better guitarist on the solo is who you should pick for the solo, because like ^him^, I'm assuming you're speaking of the solo. Whoever plays it best should, unless you're both really good and can each replicate the solo...

Also, this should go in either the Lynyrd Skynyrd thread or Tab Talk area.
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A capella is the best arrangement.

But if you have your heart set on using instruments, my main advice for arrangement is make sure the rhythm guy plays soft on the solo section. In fact, the entire band should at least try to do something for dynamics and variation. Every band loves to do Freebird at 11 for ten minutes, and even if the soloing isn't that bad, the rhythm section screws them over by not giving them anywhere to go.

But, you really shouldn't have that long of a solo anyway. At least trade licks between guitarists so it isnt just one guy.
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