Ok, so i got my wah fixed. Turns out a wire was loose. Well anyways i've always had this problem with my wah, and that was that whenever i put the toe too far up, i get crazy harsh treble that seems louder than when the toe is back. I know, its a wah pedal, thats the whole point, but it just doesn't sound right to me. This only happens on clean, when i have an overdrive pedal on it or not. Its a real problem because i use the wah tons on my solos, and i usually play on clean with a tubescreamer and big muff. Oh, and for some reason, the big muff sounds pretty terrible with the wah. I dont seem to know why, maybe its just me. It just doesn't sound right.

I'm playing on a Strat into the tubescreamer, big muff, then Clyde McCoy Vox Wah into a 15 watt crate palomino amp.
Oh, and are there any mods i can do to alter my wah? If anyone here knows, please tell!
look for the wah modding thread in the guitar building and customizing forum

it pretty much explains what you can do and what it will change


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great. I'll see if i can find anything on that.
And if i post a picture of the inside of my wah, can anyone tell me if anythings wrong with it, cause as i said, i got it used, and i wonder if anything happened to it or something.

Ok, thank you. Can you answer this for me though? Do Clyde McCoys have true bypass, and if so, do i have to switch it on or anything, or just go at it?
Ok, thanks. And i just sifted through all the pages in the wah thread, and i still dont know how to reindex the pot, or what it does. could you please explain? Thank you!
And just to clarify, it seems that the volume gets much louder once you hit a certain spot going to treble. Insanely louder. T'is pretty lame.
hm, well what are your eq settings on your amp? if the highs are up too much, i'm sure it could seem to be overpowering when you push the pedal down.

nice name by the way, i'm also a jon haa.
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Nice man! Jon all the way.
Oh, and my bass is all the way, mids at 3 o clock, high at 12. hmn...
ha, well then that rules out my theory sorry
and how's the palamino sound anyway?
Gibson SG Standard + 18volt EMG-81 & 85
Mesa/Boogie Mark IV + Recto 2x12
Keeley Modded BD-2
Vox V847a
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It's your perception, in regards to the loudness.
Like...have you ever noticed how the volume drop when you roll down your guitar's volume control is pretty sudden? It's because the volume control loses some treble when you turn it down. So...hopefully that clarifies my thoughts on it.

Or do you mean it gets louder when it hits a certain spot, but not the max it can go forward?

As far as reindexing...open up your Wah, and see the gear that rotates when you press down? Basically, loosen the thing keeping the long thingie that rolls on it tight, and pull back the long thingie, and rotate the gear some. The return eveything abck to how it was.

What's your experience with soldering, by chance?
my soldering experience is....none.
Say, any possibility of reducing the treble somehow?
Hmm....not too good. I did what you told me with the reindexing, and now my wah barely wahs! its just barely audible. Hmm....i just looseded that thing keeping it tight, spinned the gear a bit, and put everything back the way it was. help!
Wow! it worked. Got my wah back, and actually less treble! Do i get different results in relation to how i reindex it?
Hmm....i think i've almost got it.
Yeah, of course reindexing it differently yields different results. Think about it like this. A wah pot can rotate, let's say...300 degrees. However, a wah pedal only allows you to rotate between 210 degrees. So you're not using the whole resistance of the taper, ya know? Not the right values, but you know what I mean.
Wow. I actually didn't know that. Makes enough sense now.
Well man, i think i've got it. Thank you very much! I know how much time you must've put out of your day to help. Hell, took me much longer than i wanted to. You are definetly a helpful guy, and i appreciate it.