Poll: would you stay just one or both semesters of ur grad year
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View poll results: would you stay just one or both semesters of ur grad year
stay 1 semester
8 29%
stay 2 semesters
20 71%
Voters: 28.
Ive been thinking real hard about grad lately. Im graduating some time next year but i cant decide whether or not to stay the whole year. I could leave after the first semester but should I? I already have a decent job lined up and i know i wont need any further education, but ive heard people that have left early say they regret it. What do you all think? Keep in mind even if i do grad early i still plan to go to prom with my girlfriend.
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Just take one class and have three spares. It'd be such a fun semester.
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Just stay for the year.
More memories.

You're lucky you can graduate early, my school makes it hard as fuck to graduate.
dude just stay in school, cuz you would either sit at home all day and do nothing, get a job or get stoned, which all get boring after a while
It's interesting that you're placing your education in the dirty hands of UG.

Really, just stay in school like all the other people. It's not that much longer and it might come in handy.
its not a senior year if you dont stay the whole time man, plus all yoru friends would be in school and you wouldnt, and if you could graduate early its not like you'd be taking any hard classes
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yea... i still really have no idea what im going to do.... very confusing choice.
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I think it's a decision you've got to make on your own.

Who dictates your life and says everyone needs four years of high school?
If you really feel like you have spent enough time and gained enough knowledge to move on in your life, then by all means, consider graduating early.

In my honest opinion, I don't think you should do since you're obviously extremely hesitant about this. Perhaps give it more thought, but don't do it unless you're really confident in your decision.

Good luck !

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I would stay. These are the best years of your life. And you have the rest of your life to work, so just stay in school.
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stay in man. the fuck ya gonna do at home with everyone at school? anyway, just take blow off classes and goof around. I'd wanna do that.
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Man I'm graduating university soon and I want another four years. I can't imagine people actually wanting to leave school early.

I just had the easiest semester ever and the entire thing was a blast.
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