I've been playing guitar for 5 months now...and My fingers don't have the strength that I need to hit the notes correctly and on time, without having to exert extra force. I noticed most that I have to stress really hard to hold down the heavier notes (thicker strings) down. I feel pain going up my left arm and my muscles tensing up like when I do a bicep curl.

What can I do to build some pushing down power in my fingers.
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go to your nearest sports store and get a finger exercise thing... its got a pad on one side and 4 keys like a trumpet on the other which are spring loaded. use those, thats what i did. works great. especially when watching tv...
errr... you cant hit it at anywhere in the fret box, try hitting near the fret, if this doesn't help ,
try changing the position of your left hand to a more comfortable position