With Otto Rocket, Reggie Rocket, Squid, and Twister? No, I don't remember it.

obeythis_edit: I do seriously miss that show, though
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lol jk we suck


Yeah man, I used to watch that show. It reminds me of a robot saying "Let's rip - it - up" or something, thats all I remember. Well, and Tito.
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of course i remember...
[22:33] ben: Yesterday I was gonna eat a shitload of candy but I forgot.
I didn't like it too much
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i'm a squid
i ****ing ahted that show actually i always thought Reggie and otto should "do it" boy i'm messed up, tito FTW

That show was gay, one of the things when Nickelodeon started to suck real bad
I didn't like it, but I always somehow found myself watching it. Looking back, it's hilarious.
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i really didnt care for this show, but i thought Tito was pretty cool

stereotypical hawaiins FTW!!!!
Not one of my favorites, but it was an okay show. I miss the old Nick shows.
[22:33] ben: Yesterday I was gonna eat a shitload of candy but I forgot.
I hated it but watched it alot for some reason.
i hate that show so much, but i would always watch it for some reason. it must have had crazy hypnotizing powers.
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I remember those old people neighbors haha. And when Otto did a Super Varial McTwist or whatever. What a badass. Tito rocked.
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lol i liked the episode where tito tried to hang with the kids, and he was like "check out my oliver to a mctavage"

or the one where the squid made the computer game and gave himself awesome skills and made everyone else lame
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Rocket Power, one of the Nick shows I did not like. I didn't like the characters they were annyoing. Wasn't there a movie too?
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That used to be my favorite show probably because I was a lot more into extreme sports back then than I am now. They should bring that show back.
They must've been all high or something.

"What's up you guys? I'm The Squid?"

"What's up Ottoman?"

I liked this show, but now I hate it because it reminds me of my bro and his wanabe skater friends that for the most part, i despise.
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One of the best cartoons ever aired on Nickelodeon. In my humble objective opinion, that is.

Y'know, they still play it on that Nicktoons channel sometimes.
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That show was one of the best shows ever, cartoon or not. I could seriously watch it for hours and hours. So cool. The best part was either Tito ("Eyy little cousin!") or when they would be sitting out in the water and it would be totally flat and then someone would yell "outside!" and a huge 30 foot wave would come out of nowhere. Definitely amazing.
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They must've been all high or something.

"What's up you guys? I'm The Squid?"

"What's up Ottoman?"


'tis true isnt it?

but i watched it for some reason


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