2 days ago i was jamming with my friend. i went to plug in my dod american metal distortion pedal into my behringer ultrabass 1800 amp. and it made a really loud poping and cracking noise. i unpluged it and after this all i heard when i played a note was a buzzing sound and it was really quiet. at this point i was kinda freakin out so i turned it off and waitied a minuite or 2 and tryied again with out the pedal and it was fine. did i seriously damage my amp?


Check your cords.
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again, check your cords. don't automatically assume it's your amp, unless you want a new one and need an excuse or something.
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well if it sounds fine now it cant be the amp rite? cause i just got it like a month or 2 ago and im f-ed if i broke it this early.
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It shouldn't be...

Though a friend of mine blew up a little yamaha keyboard amp he had by running a distortion petal into it...

Sounds like you just had a bad connection or cable though...
... so could it still be working if i damged the speaker or no? cause i need to no soon to get it fixed.
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