Hey. I was playing NHL 07 and I thought it would be a cool idea to record your best goals, and post them on YouTube or something so we could check em out. Good idea? Bad idea? Post away (hopefully with vids)
I'm too lazy to actually make any videos..

Recently, however, I played an amazing game.. I was down two goals with a minute left in the game (which is on speed-up mode, so really it was more like 15 seconds). I managed to get two goals in that time and win it in a shoot-out.

Kept my 20 game winning streak alive.. hah
2K7 is MUCH better....well much more fun at least. '07 may be more realistic, but its no way near as fun. Besides, in 2K7 for the 360 you get EPIC MUSIC!
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i have nhl 07 for xbox, i dont have 360. and i dont take videos of my goals. but i do own at it. i traded for crosby and he had like, 285 points this season, im in playoffs now.
yeah, I have to say 07 is an easy game, even with the difficulty set all the way up
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that's a pretty shitty idea.
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p.s. erection, hahahaha.