I'm at the point as a guitarist where u play fast, but mess up wen u do it and dont know what to play fast for practice. Can someone help i need to shred a little better, not appregios, but like idk just shredding like for solos and stuff. I've been told to just practice, its gonna take some time, but i need help on what to practice. Your help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks
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True, i guess that question i asked was a little too general. Lol
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practice scales


and over

and over

in fact dont stop practicing scales till you die, youll only keep getting faster and cleaner.
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You've broken a low E string??? What style do you play, guitar raping noise core?
You mess up when when you play fast? The do it slower till its perfect.
Who dat?
your shredding will improve if you practice scales...........alot. because you cant just play random solos, they need to be in the same key. and just start playing them slowly, then
get faster and faster. that will get your playing smoother. a metronome will help.
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okay, thanks. I have an ibanez RG 120 but it broke so now im playing on a dquier strat. Because those guitars are so bad do u think that has an effect on my playing?
And when i can wake up to see the sunrise in your eyes then we'll finally be free and i'll know ive made it home. . . .- DArkest HOuR
Make due with what you have. Being able to play well in the worst conditions will only make it all the better to play in optimal conditions.

In short, no.
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scales, songs

and it really depends with the guitar, it tends to be a personal thing, ive seen shredders on starts...though not squires...

learn the river dragon has come solo by nevermore, really good starting point, very attainable for starting shredder, i play it everyday, its a nice exercise, especially with diminished arpeggios....theres a billion diff tabs for it though, if you want, PM me and i'll tab out the one i use, which is like a hybrid of all of them, just taking the most economic parts
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More and more I'm developing the view that it's really not a case of how fast you play or even what notes you play, as such. Instead of trying to aquire more technique, more speed and more elaborate scales...try to express yourself with a few notes. Because really if you can't put yourself into the notes it won't matter if you can play them at lightning speed or whatever, it will never be satisfactory to you.

To prove my point, I'm sure you can remember being in a situation where you are trying to learn a solo that is technically and musically basic, appearing well within your grasp, but when you play it, it sounds shit!

To remedy this situation I suggest you: 1st; work on getting a tone out of your setup that you like. 2nd; Start work with single notes. Make them sound as good as possible. Make a very short or even part of a phrase with the different degrees of bends. 3rd; Expand this principle to include musical phrases of a few notes, focusing on making them sound as good as you can.

The best guitarists will be able to shit all over 20nps harmonic minor shredding with just a handful of notes. However, at the same time as this, speed is a good ability to build in. The ultimate aim would be to be free of technical constraints and able to make your notes soar with life when the mood takes you.

Perhaps if you work on what i've said, the need for speed can take a back seat in your efforts and you can let your new found expression come through the notes in the meantime while you further develop your technique before you can eventually utilise them both in your soloing.