Ever left your gear at a friends house to find something intresting happen?
I left my les paul jr. at a friends house, and when I came back to get it to my suprise it was in exactly the same condition I left it in. Now that's interesting...
yea... it smelled weird. and yea i smell my amps...

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ive had pepsi spilled over my amp...my band practices at my house now...
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my guitar, pedal, and halfstack are at my friends and they had better be in the same position and settings when i come back! but damn i really want to play guitar!!!!
my friends leave there gear at my house

heres some gear that i have here but there my friends:
100 watt line 6 spider II amp( i have a 120 spider II)
a jackson (idk what kind it is but i think its a dinky)
esp Bass
Crate 75 watt bass amp
7 piece tama drum set (Idk why my friend insists on leaving it at my house)
and a mic

i also let my friends borrow my gear too
-Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR (Black Cherry Finish)
-D'addrio XL (0.10 - 0.46) Strings
-Line 6 Spider II 210
-Dunlop Jazz III Picks
i left my guitar in it's gigbag at a friends house once.

the result:

one huge skeet stain.
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The only interesting thing that has happened to my stuff after leaving it at a friend's house is my Multi Effect pedal (for Guitar) was hooked up to a Mic. Other than distortion, it sounded pretty good. Yay Korg!
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my amp usually gets used as a rolling tray in our jam space.....
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hmm i left my gear at my friends house when i came back it wasnt there... thats a suprise... not really tho im not that dumb
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One of my friends left his drums at a friends house... friend manages to break snare stand in half.

Another one of my friends leaves a 5150 II Half Stack at someones house he just met. Comes back the following Sunday to get it(3 days later)... "Oh, well, the power bill was due"
I left my guitar at my friend's house and he spilled a can of Cream Soda that was pretty much empty but still had that little bit at the bottom on it. And didn't clean it. I cussed him out for like 10 minutes.
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jerk i want my stuff back
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