Yeah I'm reading this play for class, and I finished it this afternoon, and I hafta say I'm pretty disappointed. Know why? because of society and media
It seems like the play was made up of just a few really well-known scenes (Stanley yelling Stellahhh!, Blanche threatening him with the broken bottle, her going mad, saying she's always depended on the kindness of strangers), strung together by unknown scenes that seem boring by contrast...
if the spoilers the media gives you throuh pop-culture references on stupid sitcoms or pretentious movies hadn't already revealed so much, it would've been a much better read. Maybe i'm not smart enough to get past the fact that I already know what's going to happen, three scenes before it happens...

...there's no point to this, it's just a rant on how I hate TV basically

Anybody else read A Streetcar Named Desire?
Not yet, but I'm still holding out until someone puts a production on around me.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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yes. and it is truly great. i love tennesee williams. the glass menagerie is good too, but i like streetcar better
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Glass Menagerie > Streetcar.


Arthur Miller > Tennessee Williams.
Can't stop the signal.
Streetcar is still a really good play, IMO, even though I knew what would happen and all. I don't know, read up some literary criticism on it or something. Maybe I had a teacher who taught it well but it was one of my favorite things that I read in High School.
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Very good movie. I was distracted by a fly whilst watching the first time, however.

The screenplay was killer!
I did that play for my HSC. Plenty of symbolism and crap in it, a really easy play to bullshit about.
Streetcar in book form > The movie
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Stanley Kowalski is one of the best characters ever written for the stage, second to Willy Loman. Just my opinion. I love Streetcar, but I can understand how a person wouldn't like it. It's style is an acquired taste.
i read it in high school and watched the movie right afterwards. the play wasn't bad, but marlon brando is awesome in the movie. and blanche is so annoying that you almost sympathize him.
whats your problem..its not a thriller is it?. its not what happens to blanche but a reflection on 20th century society.