Hey, I'm a huge fan of reusing and recycling anything and everything I can, does anyone else desolder broken electronics for parts? Or am I the only one.. I'm using some resistors I got in an old radio for my next pedal build.

Speaking of next pedals, has anyone built This?

I know its not a REAL schematic, but I'm gonna see if this guy's booster is worth a shit...
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well, no, cause electrical components I steal from my lab. I mean... they're really cheap. You could probably buy a 10 pack of resistors for like... 10 cents
I get mostly wire,... diodes are one of the more useful things I've salvaged, used em to make my BMP. oddly I found on of my transistors in a garage door opener =| I've pulled pots and caps too, but generally the leads are so short it's not worth the time and... burns... However, it's sometimes cheaper when ya have a dead radio, telephone or whatever really that ya got free to rip em out,... and sometimes easier to get the right values :P
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I normally salvage pots, jacks, and occaisionally IC's, I don't bother with other stuff as it's all cheap to buy.
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Erm, Pots? thats all thats really worth salvaging.
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Motors are quite expensive, I've salvaged a couple steppers from a printer. And an IR receiver from something which I suspect was a VCR (it was in terrible shape). And many other more costly components. Other than that, the odds of finding resistors or capacitors of the right values are slim.
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I found 2 resistors to use in that booster, a 10k and 100k, they were either out of an old radio or a crappy mini amp, i cant remember, cause i mixed all that stuff together... meh
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
Takamine G340SC
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