what is the best type of jazz bass pickup to get the same tone as flea in californication
I don't think you can - Flea used a Stingray on that album, and that tone is pretty tough to imitate.
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I don't think you can - Flea used a Stingray on that album, and that tone is pretty tough to imitate.

What about that Fender Jazz bass he used in the Californication video? Try the vintage jazz pickups.
I would say try to get very bright sounding strings nad birght Pups.
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You won't get his tone with a pickup change. you'll need his technique/body/fingers/equipment etc etc to even come close to it.
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If you have so many questions about Fenders, just ask them all in the one thread. You're filling up the front page of the bass forum with useless rubbish and you don't even bother to post and say thanks to people for looking up the information you could very easily find for yourself on the Fender website or others.

Anyway you've made my ignore list. Why don't you look for yourself what kind of bass and pickup Flea uses?
its not that bad of a question i didnt knew that lol.
about the tone, why do you want a tone like him anyway?
isnt it better to create your own tone?
and if you just want to cover the music, it will cost quite a bit just to cover some songs...
forget it man, create your own character!
be yourself for Christ sake !!
Like the person above me said, get your own individual tone and play californication that way. And to agree with smb, please stop making useless threads
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Well he won't be THAT far off if he has a jazz bass with pickups based on 60's fenders and a similar rig....

Fender makes vintage reissue types of pickups so those would be an option.