I have heard great things about all of them, and have seen alot of people that own them, but from the stores that I have visited, the microcube is the only one out for testing. I am interested in a Pignose, I know they have been around for a while, and I have heard alot of really really good things about them also. I just want to know where you could play one, to compare it. Guitar Center has in on their site, but I have not seen one in their stores. maybe it is just the Knoxville one. but anyone have any advise on these three. Dont just favor the one that you have, because you have it. Some feedback would be really great. Im not the richest of people and I dont want to waste my money on something that I will regret
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what vox amps are you talking about?
the valvetronix?

anyway...i have a 20 watt pignose and its amazing
you really have to try one...cant they somehow order one? without u having to buy it?


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Vox Valvetronix are great. Very good tone and amazing versatility.
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Depends on what Pignose you're talking about.
I have the Pignose 7-100, I think it's great for what it is. A portable practice amp. Durable, and great crunch for classic rock. Not a lot of headroom, though.
My friend has a Microcube, also a great little amp.
Valvetronix are good modeling amps as well. All in all, I don't think you could go wrong with the Vox or Roland. The Roland is more suited for metal, if that's what you play.
well, I play blues and classic rock mostly, and a little metal. I know that the Vox and the Microcube have more effects. But im not really needing effects.
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I love my Pignose Legendary for travelling, nothing else. That being said, I have a late 70's/early 80's version. The newer ones hum a lot less but it sounds more or less the same. I do travel quite often, usually for weeks at a time and everytime, I can't wait until I get home so I can play a "real" amp (one not so dull and lifeless).

That being said, Pignose makes some pretty decently priced and sized tube combos (and ready for travelling but they're still chunky IMO), which I would choose over the of Roland and Vox (having those two names, I assumed you were talking about the Cube and Valvetronix).

Seeing how you were pretty ambigious with the topic name, I'll rank (from left to right) which amps from the three companies I assumed you were talking about!

Vox Valvetronix - Pignose Legendary - Roland Cube.

Also assuming - you're not going to be gigging:
Another possibility is to buy a small/low wattage combo if you don't need the effects.

The Epiphone Valve Jr, (in my opinion so nobody jumps me for saying this) sounds much better than thre three SS/Hybrids. And best of all, it's around the same price as the other ones (for the AD15, there's only one Legendary, Cube 15 anyways!).
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I think it's funny that a guy who calls himself "Mr. Banker" isn't the richest of people!

Anyway, I tend to agree with Joranges above me, here. If you're looking for decent tone, but not looking for effects, the Valve Junior might be a solid choice for you. Better sounding in my opinion, too, than the SS listed above.
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I'd have to go for the Pignose, It sounds really great for the styles that you seek, and cleans up better than the average amp with a volume knob roll. The Roland will do the metal a bit better, but if you have hot pickups, i think you'll be fine. If you want to scoop it, though, that's hard. you need an EQ pedal for that. I've never tried it, but i have run it through an amp's EQ, and that makes it so much more versatile. If you can find a pedal small enough, you can even store it inside ( though this is unlikely).

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ok...so the majority goes to Pignose, and sorry for the confusion on the "Mr. Banker" thing. It being a Skynyrd song, and it was simple....

Ive already got a big amp, but it is not much to be taking places all the time. I have an Ibanez RG 5 EX 1...and I do believe that it has pretty nice pickups, quite loud comparing it to most other guitars. Thanks for your opinions on this, they have really helped alot.
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