so yeah there was just an earthquake where i live. it wasn't anything major (i'm guessing it was around a 4.0 on the richter scale) but it was still the first time i felt an earthquake before (despite the fact that i've lived in northern california for over a decade). it felt pretty damn cool.

so yeah, i dunno if anyone else here lives near a major fault line or has been in an earthquake, but discuss.
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DUDE i felt that

i live in the middle of nowhere so i wont ever feel one... only winters harsh cold
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I felt that! It was very minor where I am though. I only noticed because my lamp was vibrating. Anyway, I remember I was in Arizona for Christmas and was scared to come back here because there was supposed to be a big earthquake.
I guess in the midwest there is one faultline that if it ever slips will be huge. I live in indiana and I remember when I was like 12 there was one tiny tremor and it was on the news. But i once lived in Utah too and felt a few tremors out there, nothing major.
I live down the bottom of Aus. Never get earthquakes. But i was lucky enough to feel and witness the only ground tremmer we have had in a very long time before and after the 1997 rye tremmer. BAM!
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