Hey I already have 4 songs on Myspace and I wanted to host my new CD for free for a week, anyone know of a place where I can have like a really accessible mp3 (xml?) table to let people stream/download my songs from? Or will I have to open up Dreamweaver..
Try looking at embedded Flash players... of course you're going to need a host for the MP3s as well.
Maybe you could try making a Torrent of your CD and giving people instructions on how to download it. Of course then people could more easily share the entire CD after the week is over. But if people really wanted to get it like that they would anyways.
My major fanbase is teenage girls, I would make a torrent but I doubt anyone on Oink would like any of my "songs"

I think I'll make a torrent anyways, but yea I'll probably just end up making my own embedded flash for it...damnit!