Cool Phoenix deathcore.
Part of my compilation CD.

I have cancer, fight me.
eh....i really don't like them that much dood, sorry. Just a personal opinion. I really don't like the tone of the gutars, and the bass drums sounds really cheesy. But it's cool they're on your comp. album. I'd have to say the stuff i write is better (don't mean to be cocky at all), but sadly bitches in my area can't play some F***in' Hardcore or Deathcore.
^ I know how that is. Especially for being in California, I can't find a full band around here, which is odd.
I have cancer, fight me.
yeah my friend has a band that is actually pretty good, especially for being 16-17. They're playin a show at some church next friday, ima throwdown so hard. I'll give you the link


I want to get their bassist, who is the friend in the band, but i don't want to tear him from these guys so i'm in a pickle