a girl in my class asked her friends for a hair clip but they didn't have any (she rlly needed one). she asked me hopelessly then i pulled out my wallet and gave her the hair clip. i don't even know why i put the clip in there, i think it's one of my moms. i found it in the bathroom and dropped it in my wallet. would she think that im weird or even "perverted" when she receives the clip? she kept it but something seems wrong. she did laugh and said it was hilarious when i gave it to her. im not a pervert!
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no seriously, was it like a bobby pin? my ex gf used to leave them in my room all the time, and they'd fall on the floor...so i'd step on them and they'd get stuck to my feet....i hate bobby pins
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why would having a hairclip make you a pervert? they're completely unrelated. It may make you weird, but in no way does it make you a pervert
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WTFs a hairclip?

I know what a pony tail holder is, but not a hairclip.
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if i needed a bobby pin you'd be my hero. i don't see anything wrong with it. the irony of the girls not having one, but you having one instead, is rather funny but i'm sure she was just glad to be able to pin her hair back and she won't think you're a freak.
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yea, sounds like she wants to bone you pretty hard man.

but yea only big gay fags have hair clips so you may have ****ed yourself out of a ****
Am i allowed to say erection?

p.s. erection, hahahaha.
^dood you are seriously retarded.
and hell id carry them around. id rather have one than not in case id ever have to put her hair up for any reason
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You can use bobby pins to unlock handcuffs. I'd bet that she thinks that you have trouble with tha police and thinks that you're cool.

I've never carried any around in my wallet before, well, just because never had the urge to do so. But I do have some random bobby pins, hair ties, and clips at my apt. because after a party or something I'll randomly find them on the floor. So I have about five in my bathroom for no reason.
the only strange part is that you decided to pick it up, and put it in your wallet.

i mean, what was the point? it wasnt yours, and you werent going to put it in your hair.

just seems a bit odd.
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WTFs a hairclip?

I know what a pony tail holder is, but not a hairclip.

Pony tail holder? You mean like... a hair elastic?

And a hairclip is like this:

I don't see how having a hairclip would make you perverted, unless there's a new trend in... beauty accessory fetishes or something.