Im a beginner guitarist. There is a 97 Gibson SG Special on craigslist I went and looked at. It has some dings and chips and the neck has a crack in it. The crack is small and stiff and the guitar is still playable. Other than the cosmetic stuff the guitar plays well. He wants $250.00 for it. Im thinking about going back and buying it. Is that a good deal? Should I be worried about the crack in the neck?
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don't buy that guitar. Save up and buy new one. I know you probably want a different(new to you) guitar, but it sounds suspicious to me. Once you have a nice one, then you can buy a guitar in that condition. If you do that, it should be for the sole purpose of learning the intricacies of how those certian instuments are put together. You should never expect to make it your main guitar. Just a guitar that you can mess with so that when your nice guitar breaks down, you know how to repair it.
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The neck crack sounds worrisome. If the crack gets big you can end up with a warped neck and some very bad other things ...getting it repaired could cost you almost as much as you paid for the guitar.

I agree with the other guy it sounds supsicous... like he's switched out the electronics with some cheaper ones or something

I say try out the guitar to make sure that it hasn't been fooled with. and If i were you I'd be very worried about any sort of crack on the neck. Even a small crack on your neck in the right spot can completely mess up your action and result in a costly repair

And if the crack seems like it can get worse in further years just by yourself a cheap Ibanez or Fender.
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The crack can be repaired and the sooner the better. May be worth buying if it still play good.

A luthier can shoot it with a hypo and fill the crack with glue, shouldn't cost too much.
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I think Im going to buy it. Ill fix the crack and maybe Repaint the whole guitar in the summer.