hi, im just a newbie and when i just restrung my strat and it makes a ringing sound when play the bass strings. Can anyone help.
thats kind of vague,,,you mean something besides the strings are ringing out?,,,on my first guitar the tuners were kind of loose and i got a slight rattle,,,and the pickguard on my guitar used to be a little loose and that would rattle slightly too,,,if you mean that the higher strings are ringing out when you play the lower strings then it could be an issue of either muting those strings that you arent playing or trying to adjust your saddles or something like that to reduce the vibration on the strings.
i dont want to sound like a bad guy but you will definately get more attention and answers in the correct forum.
This forum happens to be the only one in which you can not ask questions related to guitar and music.
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