is an Old Kramer still worth a look?
I saw an ad that it was a Kramer in about 100USD used

I play 80's shred and thrash...


Buying a vintige guitar is a better investment than buying a new one, cause the wood is already aged and is alot closer to its full potential tone-wise.
100usd doesnt sound bad.
i payed $150au for my ibanez grx40, which is kinda crap. i think that kramer is a good buy for 100usd
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what model of kramer is it? Is it US made? (i.e. pacer, baretta) or is it a striker model?

sorry for the late reply...

I just texted the seller and requested some pics/info on it
If its an OLD kramer focus or a usa kramer (baretta ,pacer,stagemaster etc)than it is a steal (the trems are worth the price alone). If its an old striker it is still an ok deal but thats it. Aerostarts are the same as strikers but worse.
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^^ if it's got an original floyd rose (not the kramer licensed ones!) or if it's through-body.. it's a steal.

(there's some strikers that are through-body.. even though they don't have an OFR they're still worth it for the body)