Not looking for sympathy, there is a point at the end of all this, I'm just gonna tell you my story first.

I met a girl in December 2005 and we made friends, got together and fell in love. We spent the next 11 months in a turbulent relationship that had more ups and downs than a rollercoaster.
Then, one day out of the blue, she prounounces to me that she would like to lose her virginity to me, and I say the same back. After a few weeks we finally got our chance and it was amazing and great and I felt on top of the world.
We got closer and closer, spending less time with each other as we went due to other commitments but our relationship got stronger throughout.
It was all going amazing but then on Monday night on the phone she told me she needed to take a break from our relationship because she felt suffocated and that at 15 we shouldn't be in a serious relationship.
I said okay, because I didn't truly understand what she meant, turns out what she meant was 'we're breaking up till further notice' and then yesterday she took me aside and told me it was over.

That's the short version, anyhoo.

Point of thread is thus, please (for others sake as well as mine) put your advice in here for getting over a girl? I mean.. I spent 13 months with her, and when you consider I'm only 15 that's a huge chunk of my life gone.. how am I now meant to be 'single'?

(This isn't in the relationship thread because it isn't about a relationship, it's about how to get over one, if I'm wrong then sorry!)

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Count yourself lucky you didnt get her pregnant, propose to get married, then have her tell you that the child isnt yours and she has had a fiance all a long in the 2 years you were together.

That happened to me. Its been 18 months and I dont think Im completely over it yet. Just go day by day and eventually the pain starts to go.
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Relationship thread.
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