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29 56%
23 44%
Voters: 52.
recently i discovered i like black more then white and i was wondering how every thought about black vs. white?

....tea i mean
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Black with lemon is good.

I believe tea w/out milk in it is better for you aswell because the anti-oxidants aren't molested. Don't quote me on this though.
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For me it will always be:
Earl Grey, Milk and Two Sugars.
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Green tea pwns.

I voted for black because i like it that way.

Have you ever tryed drinking one cup of black tea with 6 teabags. That shit is hardcore.
Very healthy. Oh and it is a good way to trow up but once your used to it you can drink it easily.
I like my tea like I like my women...
green tea ftw.
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White tea is superior.
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Black no sugar.

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