Poll: Have you ever committed a breaking and entry?
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View poll results: Have you ever committed a breaking and entry?
8 19%
21 49%
Thought about it but never did
14 33%
Voters: 43.
Have you ever committed a breaking and entry to take cash or anything similar in value?

I personally have not but there's days when it crosses my mind...must be because i watch that "It takes a thief" show too often lol
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lol no. If you get caught you're completly ****ed.

you should make it a public poll
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all the time, I mean I break and enter every place I go to and take all the money
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I break into places but not to steal stuff. I like to explore.
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nah. Had my house broken into though, and two guitars, my mp3 player and cell phone stolen. Yeah, didn't really want that shit happening to anyone else, mainly because it's pretty ****ed up.