hey everyone

i'm buying an electric guitar and would like to ask some more experienced guitarists advice!!

so far i'm looking at the epiphone les paul custom, prs se singlecut, prs se custom, prs santana ii and the telecaster mexican.

which one would anybody recommend??????

well first wat kinda music do u like to play mostly? and wat is ur budget?
my gear:
Schecter Damien 6 w/emg's
gibson sg standard
dean performer e acou/elec
ibanez tone blaster=[
ibanez ts7 tubescreamer
boss ds-1
boss sd-1
dunlop crybaby from hell wah
your screen names twang eh? if thats what your looking for then you want the telecaster (american though)
i play rock and blues....well, sort of! lol i'm sort of imtermediate learning stage at the mo
Depending on how hard the rock, I would recomend a tele. It's got a nice bluesy sound and can handle lighter to classic rock rather well.