hey hey, havent posted here in a million years but i got a new band together doing some power metal, its all super rough but here it is. We are from Galway, Ireland and we are still trying out singers if by some unbelievable chance a galway vocalist into power metal, or someone that knows one, traverses this site


add us if you like the stuff.
why do kamakazi pilots wear helmets?
thanks man, we should be getting a vocalist pretty soon, then it'll be gigging time, there'll be updates on the site soon, thanks for listening. any feedback is appreciated.
why do kamakazi pilots wear helmets?
Is that harmony sweeping?
Great stuff... you will go somewhere.
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Sounds like you guys have your shit together...And Crystal Snowstorm is a awesome name man...
"Is that harmony sweeping?
Great stuff... you will go somewhere."

thanks alot. yeah its harmonised between me and the keyboard player, theres three different harmonised sweeping sections in that song, in the main part he plays the top arpeggio and i change the harmonies under it.

yeah the crystal snowstorm name just came out as a typical power metal name and we all instantly agreed and died laughing. =)
why do kamakazi pilots wear helmets?
What style of vocals are you looking for? Because to be honest, I don't listen to any power metal at all...

EDIT: I don't sing, but I might know people who can, and who also might like power metal.
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Have to agree with joe124. You did an excellent kob of making the keyboard fit in there very well. Im loving the songs, hopefully you guys will actually go somewhere. I'd buy your cd.

Im just beginning to write some stuff. Crit it please? im not sure if its good.
****! you guys can wail. you are legends! get a GOOD vocalist and you'll go far. Good Luck dude