What key signature is voodoo chile in? Please indicate if this was before Jimi Started tuning his guitar down 1/2 step. Thanks guys! Need to come up with an arrangement for an onstage jam on this song. (Is it really Em?)
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he tuned down 1/2 step, so the song is in Eb minor. but oyu dont really have to tune down, so oyu could just play it on E minor
key sig is E major, not E minor (Eb if tuned down half step)

its the common blues thing of playing minor pentatonic over a major key

he's playing an open E chord (E major, not minor) lots of times, about a dozen times even before he gets to the first chorus according to the best Hendrix transcriptsions I've found (Experience Hendrix, Hal Leonard) ... which (ironically) is notated in in E minor, not major, lol

a transcriber will often choose a key signature simply for convenience (so he has to write least amount of accidentals), not neccesarily on what the key actually is...

Sorry for the previous (hasty) answer ^ I should have said that my *guess* would be it was E major. Instead of coming across like I had personally communicated with Jimi in the hereafter and he told me it was E major, ha ha.

I was distracted (about something unrelated) and replied a bit too quickly. Its perfectly logical to think it might be key of E minor instead, given how much of the solo is minor penta - based. No major pentatonic scales here, that's for sure.

That having been said, all the open E chords communicate a more major type sound to my ear rather then minor. Also the opening riff (hint of 9th chord), also the sixth intervals in last part of verse leading into chorus, the sixth is C# not C:

--- // ---
--- // ---
-4- // -2-
-x- // -x-
-5- // -4-
--- // ---
is there any play to get the chords?
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the main riff is basically bending the third string second fret up a whole step (takes some strength...), releasing, then pulling off to open third string, then E note on fourth string second fret, followed by an open E chord (major)

Verse is mainly doubling the vocal line (minor pentatonic), interspersed with above.

Chorus is C7 - D7 - E

So as you can see there aren't many chords, the hard part is all the riffing

Good luck with your arrangement...