Just wondering...anyone had any experience with this 5-watt class Amp?
I've got a chance to buy one from a friend selling some gear...haven't played
it yet. I thought it would make a nice practice, recording amp. Never owned
a Peavey product...any opinions before I try it out? Thanks.
(I play mostly blues, classic rock...)
I think itd be OK for you. Try and play it before you buy it. If you can get it cheap, why not?
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Quote by CJJR
I thought it would make a nice practice, recording amp.

It probably will. I'm not a fan of the Valveking products, but if you can get their 5-watter cheap, it's probably worthwhile. I'd expect it to compare pretty favorably to the Epi Valve Jr.

But I didn't even know the things were for sale yet, much less already on the used market!
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Quote by jj1565
i love you slats.

Yeah...they're out there. Already on the used market here (Cleveland).
I've just never owned any Peavey gear...that's why the post. I just don't
know too much about their stuff, where they're made, etc.

I don't need to add this amp...just got a good price...and I like low watt
(5-15) tube amps. But you never know.