I'm gonna go ahead and say "Myspace sucks."

'Cause if I don't say it, somebody eventually will.
Quote by Final !mpact
i didnt know were to post this so im posting it here.
in myspace music how do you change the back ground and colours?

i want a place like this (hey its your lucky day FREE advertising )http://www.myspace.com/goremonkey

but im such a newb at internet stuff.

help pleaz

its callled a layout code,
you put the code in your "about me" section. Go to google and search, myspace layouts
layout code..................... GOOD NEWS!! i need someone to help me by telling WTF layout code is! do you mean htmlor that pph thing? i cant do that very well...

it goes through the process step by step and all you do is pick and choose what you want. then it makes the code for you and you copy and paste it into your about me section. simple.

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