Hi ,
I want to buy new guitar and i hesitate between a LTD EC- 1000 and a LTD EC-500.

I play guitar for only 1 year, so is it a good choice for me ?????

Is it a good guitar ?????

And since i'm a beginner should i pay more money for a EC-1000 or a EC-500 is good enough for me????

Thanks for your comments.
I think the 500 is better as far as options go, but that's just me. I haven't played either though. But I was gonna get the 500.
aight kid.... you've only been playing for a year... and the LTD EC 500 is ****ing awesome... do NOT pay the extra amount for the 1000... you can basically get the same thing in the 500 that you would get in the 1000...
If you got the money, go for the 1000, the looks are what makes it worth it (As does the playbility ). If not, get the 500.
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You're paying about 300 or 400 more for some gaudy binding.

Get the EC-500.
It's true, this stuff I make up.
the 1000 series is too blingbling for me :P

i'd take EC-400, i prefer 22 frets, especially on a 24.75 scale
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