I have decided to assemble my own stratocaster cause its cheaper and its kinda my own work

I have decided to use

Vintage 62' Reissue Stratocaster Strat Neck

a Black-Red-Yellow-Burst but i have no idea which model of Fender has it so i can buy it off Ebay or does Warmoth sells it cheaper?

Callaham's "Pre-wired S model Pickguard Assembly"

So i have left with the hardware to choose.
Any recommendations for a good tremolo bridge?

Feel free to comment!
Callham Vintage S Model Bridge Assembly.jpg
Guitar Body.JPG
S Model Pre-wired Pickguard Assembly.jpg
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Calaham. Get the whole hardware package. They make the best strat bridges.
Ok Thanks

Any idea which is more worth it? a Black red yellow burst from warmoth or from ebay is cheaper?
ebay is almost always cheaper. Warmoth, how ever, will route however you want, any wood you want. so, unless you want just like a standard strat, go warmoth. if you want a SSS or HSS, ebay is the way to go.
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