Lets play a game, you have to name 1 band for every letter of the alphabet. You can only use 2 bands with the same sub-genre of metal. Put the sub-genre in brackets.

For Example:

A) Arch Enemy (Melodic Death Metal)
B) Black Sabbath (Doom)
C) Cannibal Corpse (Gore Metal)
D) Death (Death Metal)

and so on and so forth.

Now do the whole alphabet, I'll try and get my list up later today when I'm at school or something.
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H) HIM (Love metal ?) [Yes, they do suck.]

You suck, 'cause love metal isn't a genre.
H) Hecate Enthroned (Symphonic Black Metal)
Gore metal isn't a genre.


G) Green Carnation (prog)
H) Helloween (power)
I) Ildjarn (black)
J) Jotunspor (black)
K) Keep Of Kalessin (black)
L) Limbonic Art (symphonic black)
M) Morbid Angel (death)
N) Nile (tech death)
O) Otyg (folk)
P) Pavor (tech death)
Q) Quo Vadis (tech melodeath)
R) Rutthna (black)
S) Samael (black)
T) Tyr (folk)
U) Ulver (a load of different stuff)
V) Vlad Tepes (black)
W) Wormphlegm (funeral doom)
X) Xasthur (atmospheric black)
Y) Yattering (death)
Z) Zyklon (blackened death)

Aaaaaaaaand closed.
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Jimi Hendrix Experience (Psycadelic bluesrock?)
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Damn duncang...I was looking forward to putting Jag Panzer for J.
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Jimi Hendrix Experience (Psycadelic bluesrock?)

Oh no3s!!1 T3h br00tality of Hendrix's metal!
A) Avenged Sevenfold (Melodic Metal)
B) Black Label Society (Heavy Metal)
C) Cradle of Filth (Black Metal)
D) Disturbed (Nu Metal)
E) Exodus (Thrash Metal)
F) Fear Factory (Nu Metal)
G) Gamma Ray (Power Metal)
H) Halford (Classic Metal?)
I) In Flames (Melodic Death Metal)
J) Judas Priest (80s Metal)
K) Killswitch Engage (Metalcore)
L) Limp Bizkit (Rap Metal)
M) Metallica (Thrash Metal)
N) Nightwish (Symphonic Metal)
O) Opeth (Death Metal)
P) Pantera (Groove Metal)
Q) Quiet Riot (Glam Metal)
R) Rob Zombie (Industrial Metal)
S) Superjoint Ritual (Stoner Metal)
T) Testament (80's Metal/Death Metal)
U) Unearth (Metalcore)
V) Venom (Blackened Thrash Metal)
W) White Zombie (Industrial Metal)
X) X-Cops (Comedy Metal)
Y) Yngwie Malmsteen (Neoclassical Metal)
Z) Zakk Wylde (Heavy Metal)
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A) Autopsy (Death metal)
B) Bathory (Black/Viking metal)
C) Carcass (Grindcore)
D) Disembowelment (Doom metal)
E) Exhumed (Grindcore)
F) Fleshcraft (Black metal)
G) Graveland (Black metal)
H) Hate Forest (Black metal)
I) Immortal (Black metal)
J) Judas Iscariot (Black metal)
K) Kreator (Thrash metal)
L) Lividity (Brutal death metal)
M) Morbid Angel (Death metal)
N) Nargaroth (Black metal)
O) Obituary (Death metal)
P) Pungent Stench (Death metal)
Q) Quo Vadis (Melo death, don't like them but it was the only Q band)
R) Repulsion (Grindcore)
S) Suffocation (Brutal death metal)
T) Terrorizer (Death/grind)
U) Urfaust (Black metal)
V) Vlad Tepes (Black metal)
W) Wormed (Brutal death metal)
X) Xasthur (Black metal)
Y) Yattering (Tech death)
Z) Zyklon (Death/black)
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A) Augury (Tech Death)
B) Brodequin (Brutal Death)
C) Circus Maximus (Power/Prog)
D) Deeds of Flesh (Brutal Death)
E) Einherjer (Folk/Pirate-ish)
F) Falkenbach (Folk)
G) Gorguts (Old School/Technical Death)
H) Hypocrisy (Melodic Death)
I) Immolation (Death)
J) Judas Iscariot (Black)
K) Keep of Kalessin (Black)
L) Lunar Aurora (Black)
M) Mutiilation (Kvlt Black)
N) Necrophobic (Black/Death)
O) Obituary (Old School Death)
P) Portal (Black/Strangeness)
Q) Quo Vadis (Technical Death)
R) Rhapsody (Power)
S) Spawn of Possession (Technical/Brutal-ish Death)
T) Twilightning (Power)
U) Ulver (Black/bunch of other crap)
V) Vintersorg (Folk/Black?)
W) Winterhorde (Black)
X) Xasthur (Kvlt Black)
Y) Yattering (Tech Death)
Z) Zyklon-B (Black)
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Cool Thread... Let's see
A) - Acid Bath (Stoner Metal?)
B) - Bathory (Black Metal)
C) - Celtic Frost (Thrash[Deathish] Metal)
D) - Death (****ING GODS OF ALL METAL)
E) - Exodus (Thrash Metal)
F) - Faith No More (Alternative Metal? I dunno)/ Flotsam & Jetsam (to please the purists)
G) - Grip Inc. (Groovish Metal)
H) - Helmet (Heavy metal)
I) - Iron Maiden (NWOBHM/Classicish metal)
J) - Judas Priest (ditto)
K) - Kreator (Thrash METAL!!!)
L) - Laaz Rockit (Thrash, i guess[what else could it be considered?])
M) - Megadeth (Speed/Thrash)
N) - Necrophagist (Technical Death Metal)
O) - Opeth (Prog. Death Metal)
P) - Pan[****ing]tera (Groove metal, baby)
Q) - Quo Vadis (some sort of metal)
R) - Rebel Meets Rebel (Southern Metal?)
S) - Sodom (Thrash metal)
T) - Testament (Thrash/Death metal)
U) - Unexpect (****ing weird kick ass metal)
V) - Venom (Thrash [proto black i guess])
W) - White Zombie (Groove........ metal)
X) - You know.... I really don't know.... huh. fancy that
Y) - Shall I say Malmsteen?
Z) - Zakk Wylde's BLS (if that counts, maybe should be under B, Heavy metal)
A) Anata (Death Metal)
B) Velphegor (Blackened Death Metal)
C) Cliteater (Grindcore)
D) Darkwoods My Betrothed (Black Metal)
E) Elvenking (Folk Metal)
F) Folkearth (Folk Metal)
G) GUT (Pornogrind)
H) Haemorrhage (Grindcore)
I) Immolation (Technical Death Metal)
J) Jag Panzer (Power Metal)
K) Katatonia (Death/Doom Metal)
L) Limbonic Art (Symphonic Black Metal)
M) Morgul (Black Metal)
N) Nortt (Funeral Doom/Black Metal)
O) Opera IX (Doom/Black Metal)
P) Pelican (Doom Metal)
Q) I really dislike them but...Quo Vadis (Melodic Death Metal)
R) Reverend Bizarre (Traditional Doom Metal)
S) Sunn O))) (Drone Doom)
T) Tiamat (Gothic Metal)
U) Urskumug (Black Metal)
V) Visceral Bleeding (Death Metal/Grindcore)
W) Windir (Viking Metal)
X) Xasthur (Black Metal)
Y) Yyrkoon (Death Metal)
Z) Zaraza (Brutal Experimental Industrial Doom Death Metal according to their website :p
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A) Annihilator, Abyssos.
B) Bathory, Behemoth
C) Carcass, Coroner
D) Dimmu Borgir, Dark Funeral
E) Exhumed, Exmortem
F) Firewind
G) Gorgoroth, Gamma ray
H) Helloween, Hell patrol <-
I) Iced Earth, Immortal
J) Judas Priest, Jag Panzer
K) Kreator,Kamelot
M) Morbid Angel, My Dying Bride
N) Nightfall, Nightrage, Necrophagist
O) Obituary, Order Of The Ebon Hand
P) Pantera, Primeordial
Q) Queensryche
R) Rotting Christ, Rage
S) Savatage, Sargeist
T) Tartaros
U) Ulver
V) Venom, Vlad Tepes
W) Warlord
X) XXX the next level.
Z) Zanister
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A)Amon Amarth
B)Blind Guardian
F)Freedom Call
G)Green Carnation
I)In The Woods
J)Judas Priest
M)Manilla Road
N)Novembers Doom
P)Pain Of Salvation
R)Royal Hunt
Z)Zero Hour
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A)Akercocke ("Blackened Death")
B)Blut Aus Nord (Black Metal)
C)Carcass (Death Metal)
D)Dio (Heavy Metal)
E)Evergrey (Progressive Power Metal)
F)Finntroll (Folk Metal)
G)Gamma Ray (Power Metal)
H)Helmet (Nu-Metal/Groove Metal)
I)Into Eternity (Progressive Power Metal)
J)Jesu (Doom)
K)Kataklysm (Death Metal)
L)Lizzy Borden (Hair Metal)
M)Meshuggah (Extreme groove metal?)
N)Neurosis (Progressive Sludge Metal)
O)Overkill (Thrash)
P)Pitchshifter (used to be Industrial Metal, now Industrial Rock)
Q)Quo Vadis (Melodic Death Metal)
R)Rammstein (Tanzmetal)
S)Sepultura (Thrash)
T)To-Mera (Progressive Jazz Metal)
V)Virgin Black (Gothic Doom Metal)
W)White Zombie (Nu-Metal)
Y)Yakuza (Progressive Jazz Metal)
Z)Zyklon (Black Metal)
D-Dream Theater
I-I (lol)
J-Judas Iscariot
L-Limbonic ARt
Q-Quo Vadis
R-Rhapsody of Fire
X-XXX Maniak
A - Agalloch (Atmospheric/Folk)
B - Behemoth (Blackened Death)
C - Cryptopsy (Death)
D - Decapitated (Death)
E - Emperor (Black)
F - Fear Factory (Industrial)
G - Gorguts (Technical Death)
H - Hate Eternal (Death)
I - Iron Maiden (Heavy)
J - Jag Panzer (Power)
K - Korpiklaani (Folk)
L - Leng Tch'e (Grindcore)
M - Municipal Waste (Crossover)
N - Nile (Death)
O - Origin (Death)
P - Psycroptic (Death)
Q - Quo Vadis (Technical Melodic Death)
R - Rigor Sardonicous (Doom)
S - Sunn O))) (Drone Doom)
T - Terrorizer (Grindcore)
U - uneXpect (Avant-Garde)
V - Vader (Death)
W - Woods of Ypres (Black)
X - Xasthur (Black)
Y - Yattering (Death)
Z - Zyklon (Blackened Death)

I'm not too good w/ genres... please correct me if I'm wrong anywhere.
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A) Arsis (Melodic Death)
B) Bal-Sagoth (Folk/Black-Metal)
C) Cryptopsy (Brutal Death)
D) Deicide (Death)
E) Eluveitie (Celtic Folk)
F) Can't think of one for F.
G) Gorod (Tech Brutal Death)
H) Hate Eternal (Brutal Death)
I) Imperial Crystalline Entombment (Black)
J) Jag Panzer (Power)
K) Keep of Kalessin (Black)
L) Lost Horizon (Power)
M) Martyr (Tech Death)
N) Neuraxis (Tech Death)
O) Origin (Brutal Tech Death)
P) Psycroptic (Brutal Tech Death)
Q) Quo Vadis (Melodic Death)
R) Rotting Christ (Black)
S) Severed Savior (Brutal tech Death)
T) Testiment (Thrash)
U) UneXpect (Avant-Garde)
V) Vomitory (Death)
W) Wintersun (Melodic Death)
X) Xasthur (Black)
Y) Yyrkoon (Death)
Z) Zyklon (Black)
Most of the important things

in the world have been accomplished

by people who have kept on

trying when there seemed to be no hope at all
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Testiment (Thrash)

I believe it's Testament....
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
A) Abyssic Hate (Black Metal)
B) Belphegor (Black/Death Metal)
C) Carcass (Grindcore/Death Metal/Melodic Death Metal)
D) Drudkh (Black Metal)
E) Exhumed (Death Metal)
F) Folkearth (Folk metal)
G) Gontnya Kry (Black Metal)
H) Hate Forest (Black Metal)
I) Immortal (Black)
J) Judas Iscariot (Black Metal)
K) Kreator (Thrash)
L) Lord Wind (Folk)
M) My Dying Bride (Death/Doom)
N) Nortt (Black/Funeral Doom)
O) Opeth (Progressive)
P) Pagan Reign (Folk Metal)
Q) Quo Vadis (Melodic Death)
R) Rotting Christ (Black)
S) Suffocation (Death metal)
T) Temnozor (Folk/Black Metal)
U) Unearthly Trance (Drone Doom)
V) Vader (Death)
W) Wolves In The Throne Room (Black Metal)
X) Xasthur (Black)
Y) Yyrkoon (Death)
Z) Zyklon (Black)
Aborted (death/grind)
Belphegor (blackened death)
Cryptopsy (death)
Damnation (black)
Emperor (black)
Finntroll (Folk)
Gorguts (grind)
Hate Eternal (death)
Irony of Christ (melodic thrash)
Judas Priest (classic metal)
Kamelot (power)
Lykathea Aflame (progressive death)
Machine Head (groove)
Necrophagist (tech death)
Opeth (progressive)
Pantera (thrash)
Quorthorn (black)
Rhapsody (power)
Strapping Young Lad (?)
Testament (thrash)
Usurper (?)
Vital Remains (epic death)
Wintersun (black/folk)
Yattering (tech death)
ZZ Top (classic metal/rock)
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A) Arcturus (Black Metal)
B) the Berzerker (Grind/deathl)
C) Cynic (Tech Death/Jazz Fusion)
D) Daylight Dies (Melo Death)
E) Emeth (Brutal Death Metal)
F) Finntroll (Black Folk metal)
G) Gojira (Prog. Death)
H) Hate Eternal (Brutal Death Metal)
I) Into the Moat (tech. Metal)
J) Judas Preist (Heavy)
K) Katatonia (Doom/Death/Melo)
L) Limbonic Art (black)
M) Morbid Angel (Death)
N)Nasum (Grindcore)
O) Opeth (Prog. Death)
P) Psycroptic (tech.Death)
Q) Quo Vadis (tech,Melodic Death)
R) Rotting Christ (Black)
S) Skyfire (Symph Black/Melo Death)
T) Terrorizer (Grindcore)
U) Ulver (Black/Experimental)
V) Vader (Death)
W) Wintersun (Power)
X) Xasthur (Black)
Y) Yyrkoon (Death)
Z) Zyklon (Black/Death)
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I believe it's Testament....

I had a feeling it was an a. lol
Most of the important things

in the world have been accomplished

by people who have kept on

trying when there seemed to be no hope at all
A) Aborted
B) Bloodbath
C) Cryptopsy
D) Decapitated
E) Entombed
F) Falconer
G) Gamma Ray
H) The Haunted
I) Immolation
J) Judas Priest
K) Kalmah
L) Lykathea Aflame
M) Malevolent Creation
N) Necrophagist
O) Overkill
P) Pantera
Q) Quo Vadis
R) Rebel Meets Rebel
S) Strapping Young Lad
T) Testament
U) Urfaust
V) Vital Remains
W) Wintersun
Y) Yyrkoon
Z) Zyklon
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