just kinda curious what your opinions are. my friend has one and i like the feel of it sitting but when i stood the round back bothered me. like i said i just wanna see wat other people think.
I know someone who has either a 20 or 30 year old Ovation, the back is plastic and the neck is some time type of metal.

I looooove it! I havn't tried any of them lately, but that guitar sounds great and plays great, I think it might be the metal neck, it probably doesn't get so bent out of shape by the tension of the strings.

So I like one particular Ovation I've played, as for Ovation as a whole I'm not sure if I would buy one.
I wouldn't buy an Ovation. The backs are not comfortable and they tend to slip a lot. I also don't like the sound. Guess I'm not a fan of Ovations.
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The feel of them is pretty nice, and the sound is alright. They kind of remind me at an attempt to make an acoustic feel like an electric. If I had a bunch of extra money, I'd maybe buy one. However, yeah, I had the same issue that I can't play them well standing up, and they really only feel good sitting down. They're a good coffee-house guitar though, haha.
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I love the feel of ovation necks however i think they sound terrible. They are supposed to sound great plugged in but even then I still hate um.
I love Ovations. My favorite brand of acoustics, by far.
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I love them, the thing I like about them the most is the sound really. The lyrachord back gives them a really unique tone, which sounds great IMO. I'm notta big fan of the looks, but If I get some money someday, I'd get one :O. Daddy's Junkie's gotta beautiful discontinued baby blue Celebrity there, and it's only $300. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's not deep enough, so it's kinda quiet and has a really thin sound. Still nice though :x
I love my Ovation Tagent 257. Amazing guitar for the money. I'd love to play some higher end models.
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