i need to find out what this bass exactly is, because from seaches i cannot find guitar that they have named it.
any help would be much apreciated, and any if you happen to have 1 any opinions on the action (i dont care about anything than that apart from price).

check it here
yeah, probably just a foreign-made knockoff of a popular american model. Probably worth about 150 bucks at the most. did you notice that he won't mail it? You better hope you live in his town.
yeh i realise this and its an ok distance from mine. i am only looking because i am starting a band and i need to play bass in it... i played guitar a year or so and am not awful, but i just wanna find something really cheapy and bad, then build on from there. aiming for around £10 atm, cos i got first elec guitar for a fiver.
On Aria's website it looks very similar to some of the basses in the IGB series.
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