yeah i really want too know how too play a few songs for band practice.

but their somewhat local bands that nobody has tabbed anything for yet.

if anyone could tab any of these it would be appreciated.

Amora Savant, "a picture worth a thousand lies"
Theadora, "Track Dos"
Veil of Maya, "All Things Set Aside"

any help would really be appreciated.

i have guitar pro 5, and power tab so using either of those is fine.
How can we tab them if they're local... and we don't know from where.
their somewhat local bands, in the context of their from my area but their pretty big and touring the country. You can find them on myspace, and on limewire. The theadora track is on their myspace, just search theadora. and the other two you can hear just about anywhere since their pretty popular (in the midwest). Most hardcore listeners who live in the midwest know who these bands are.
I think nnizzle was asking for links to the MySpaces or something.
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