I was looking at the muse 'micro cuts' tab and wondered what the fingering for this chord was? Can anyone help me here?
Well, you can't bar it to grab multiple notes anywhere really (*MAYBE* could get the 12's with one finger if you're talented). So, basically, you need a finger for each note, and there are 5 notes, and you only have 4 fingers, so I'd say it's not really that doable as is. You could *maybe* grab the 5th string 10th fret with your thumb?
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i can think of about 4 or5 ways to play that one chord....sir. to help you out alot. find a teacher that can teach you the caged system. its a good way to organize and change the way you think about the fret board.
Is it just me or isn't that a Gm chord?

I mean I see an Am chord barred at the 10th fret

Nevermind ... I sawn wrong
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its not that hard if you can play an E major or an Am then you should be able to figure out the fingering. just bar the 10 and use your 3rd and 4th for the 12's and your 2nd for the 9
The usual fingering for E7#9 is this, it's probably just been transcribed wrong

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