Hey, who listens to Candiria?
Their such a great hc band. Not to mention, they have other styles of music in it. I normally don't like rap, but the song "Without Water" kicks major ass.
Top albums of theirs (not counting their first 1 or 2):

300 % density
Coma Imprint and What doesn't kill you makes you stronger are both a tie in their own ways.
What doesn't kill is a lil miore nu metalish tho.
i got one of their vidoes once and accidentally listened to it at 1.5 speed and thought it was awesome, then when i heard it at the right speed it was kind of annoying, but i saw them live.... and it was about the same, some songs rocked, so i guess it was just the one song; their style isnt my cup of joe, i just like telling the video thing
To the core!