Hi pit people, i just got a cable and adapter for plugging my guitar into my computer today. Ive plugged it into the emulated line-out on my marshall amp and the line-in on my sound card but i hear nothing =[ Im using Sonar software atm, but can anyone help me to get this to work please =]
My sound card has an option to whether it's line in or microphone or anything else... maybe you need to go find that and set it to that.
Did you try unmutting the "microphone" box in the volume controls of windows?

the mic volume is now full and teh system volume is full, still no luck, ive tried my line-in and the mic socket =[

my pedal goes straight into my laptop via usb

you tried to configure microphone in the control panel somehow?....or maybe go into the audio/recording setup in the program you are using
What do you think this is, some sort of guitar forum?
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