What would you put in an sg? Looking mostly for versatility, but whatever you would want. NOT EMGS
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well that of course depends on your price range, what you want to play, and what type of SG it is.
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Obviously depends what you want from it....But I'd drop a P94 in the neck and a reasonably high output (12-14k Alnico) humbucker in the bridge.
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gibson 57's, great sounding pickups for classics and modern rock, for more hard rock, i'd say bill lawrence L-500XL and maybe a seymour duncun
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im getting an SG soon and im either going to get a set of bareknuckle warpigs or adder plus pickups.
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assuming this is totally allowed to be what I'd want, I'd say Bareknuckle Riff Raffs.
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Depending on your price range, Go classic... KEEP THOSE PICK UPS. Those are probably great pick ups as is. If not, Go for a pair of Pearly Gates. Classic on Classic.
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