Another day
I'm still horrified by the pain
Every minute the grip gets tighter
The Black edge's creep in
As my lungs refuse to provide oxygen
And they say the terms could change
If I'm strong enough to fight away the disease
I hate fooling myself
But the mind isn't ready for the truth
So I fog it with lies
And try to make it through the night

I'm sorry your last memories of me
Were Titled goodbye

And when I finally allow myself to realize
There is no balance between life and death
I wish my body would choose
Why can't I just reach the end
If these wounds are not going to heal


I'm no longer horrified by the pain
Every second I pray
That my spirit would just leave
I've been here long enough I'm ready to die
My only fear is that I won't see you on the other side

Let me leave in peace
Let me rest in your memories
Where I belong


Ending Chorus
I'm sorry your last memories of me
Were Titled goodbye
But next time you think of me
Smile please

Sorry it was so long. It's an acoustic song that builds up. I'll record it and then put over in recordings.
Well mabe I'll find a riff that will go with it. The chords though on the acoustic i think fits it perfectly, But while i was typing this out I thought hey this might could go as an electric song.