Hey I just recently picked up the guitar and am moving through some online lessons. However I am confused about something I cant find a straight answer for. My question is: how do you know when to fingerpick or when to use a pick?

For example, In songs where you are constantly playing two strings at once, It seems much more intuitive to fingerpick as being that precise to hit only those strings rapidly is hard with the pick. That being said, since I am new maybe thats just because my skills arent refined enough yet. Anyways, any feedback is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks
Usually if there are 2 or more notes played at the same time without a mute (x) in between them that is a good indicator. There is also a distinct noise if you are listening to the song.

Lastly, if its just the fact that hitting two strings rapidly is hard, then its not a reason to fingerpick it, just practice picking them quickly.

EDIT: Also, don't get confused by hybrid picking, such as in Under the Bridge. Sometimes you might pick 1 string and pluck another at the same time. I guess you will just have to listen and use your judgment on whether the song is fingerpicked or not. Just because its hard to pick it doesn't mean that its fingerpicked.
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