Im selling my g400, getting a new LP... but not sure wich one yet

I think it might be the '56 goldtop or maybe a LP Custom, or a STD Plus

Could you tell me wich one is better and why?

I like classic rock... but im very open to style, i play almost everything...

^ 'Cause he'll be able to afford an ESP with the budget of an Epiphone...

I haven't really much experience with Epiphones but if you live in the US you should try and check out Agile guitars. They're supposedly superior to most instruments especially at their price.
The standard eclipse II sint much, i guess its an LTD, but ive never heard it be called an LTD. ill go check.

Edit: $1,400 nevermind, sorry i thaught it was only like $800... its still sweet tho, maybe Ebay for $800.
Can you be more specific what classic rock you like? It varies from anything from Beatles to Black Sabbath...
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