I was playing my Cort last night and i started getting shocked when fretting. not really shocked, but i could feel a slight electrical current running into my fingers off the strings. It was strong enough to numb the tips of my fingers, but not strong enough to hurt. any idea what could have caused this? it has active pups (MEG 81, 60) and i was running through a tube combo and an MT-2. which i run through a lot, and this has never happened before.
im no electrician, nor do i know a lot about how guitars can electricute you, but....

take that axe apart, buddy.

make sure all of the wires have a solid connection.
make sure that everything is grounded too.

but before you do that, try another cable.
i dont think it could be the amplifier or the cable, but you never know....
and its easier to try something else rather than take it apart.
Sounds like your guitar is improperly grounded. Did you do the work yourself or did someone do it for you?
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Amp is improperly grounded - an improperly grounded guitar will not cause shocks.

EDIT: Nevermind - noticed he has active pickups.
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