hi everyone. ive just recently started playing the electric guitar, and i need to know why my wrist hurts when i play a whole lot of chords.

does anyone know? maybe my technique is wrong....although...i cant see many other ways to play a chord, lol.

just to clarify
it happens when i play "power" chords, lol.
come to think of it...
it happens when i play barre chords too...
i wonder if thats how you spell barre...

question - why does it hurt when i play power chords?

if someone could help me, id greatly appreciate it. i dont want to be confined to the the bass, the drums, and the mandolin for wrist safety. i need to broaden my horizons.
you are holding your wrist wrong most likely try going slower with a correct form and build up the strength you need to do it properly your wrist should be straight for your power chords at least mine is when i do them and there is a slight bend for barre chordsjust enough to get your finger to press down on the right strings. if you have someone who can show you like at the guitar store or something then i would suggest going and asking them good luck
Too much pressure when fretting the chords and lack of a good stretching routine could be the cause of the pain.
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thanks a lot buddy, i appreciate it.

my wrist seems to be pretty straight though....well, it could be straighter....
ill straighten up a bit and see if that helps. thanks again
lol someone else replied too while i was replying to a reply....

thank you very much too
i appreciate all of the tips and ill try to correct my problem using all of this new knowledge