I want to buy a distortion pedal. I play Metallica, Iron Maiden,...
I'm using a Ibanez 370DX and a Line 6 Spider II amp. I have two reasons for buying a distortion pedal: first, the distortion of my Line 6-amp is good, but nog satisfacting enough. Two, I heard that placing the distortion before a wah-pedal (i have a crybaby), can change the sound of it, is that true?
Now, I'm thinking about buying a Boss Metalzone (seems like a good one). What you think about it? I want a distortion for playing riff but also for leadwork.

Metal Muff is my favorite, and digitech metal master. metalzone isnt better than these in my opinion.
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I suggest you save up for a new amp instead, which will have better distortion than then you amp or the pedal. Your Line 6 and the Metal Zone aren't really a good combination (to put it lightly).
A Boss DS-1 or DS-2 can give you a whole range of sounds, and they are pretty cheap for the quality. Probably recommend the DS-2.
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