Well, i got my 212 combo a few weeks ago and thought id better share it with you guys.

Sounds quite unbelievable, so the 900 will be off to a better home.

Anyone care to share any experiences with them or anyone own some of this ampage.
Photos would be appreciated and i should have soundclips of this up within a month

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wow dude that thing looks nice, how much did it cost ya?
how dose it sound in comparison to the JCM800 and 900?
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hehe cheers, i got it for a steal off ebay! £600 which is nothing

it murders the 900 (which suprised me), fender like cleans almost and 800 "balls" (only if bass is above 8 for some reason)

really is like every marshall in one (except 2000s) but better, im never selling this
Well id love to try one Dave, but as you know i think your buy is an awesome buy! I heard that the Silver Jubilees were the best two channel Marshalls ever, even though they used diode clipping, it was way better than the 2 channel JCM800's and JCM900 Dual Reverbs.
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ah, i say that, but fender like cleans with my Gilmour EMGs (mid and bass pots ext.)
i am awaiting my sm57 being fixed and need a better preamp for pc to do this beast justice, then you shall hear tone heaven this month hopefully!
Very nice! The Jubilee is my favorite Marshall amp, the only Marshall I'd actually buy. Nice find... damn.
it sure was, 600 is nothing for an amp of this quality

goin over to my music techs house today to try his Mad Professor custom amp from Finland (£3500), cant be many of them - best amp ever made - apparently
i just picked up a silver jubilee stack
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hahah, i didnt know this thread was still around - well guys, its now goin too!

engl will be the new one cause this just doesnt have the versatility for me!