if anyone cud tell me how i can tell wat key a song is in id be grateful
ive heard its like the first chord of the song but that cant always be right...
well, what notes are in the song? write em down and go from that. Learn the circle of fifths first, then as practice just try playing in a key all over the fretboard(start with C major). Come back here once you figured out the circle of fifths, or at least the idea behind it.
Its good to know scales
If the chords are within in the scale then you probably have it.
You can definitley tell by a guitar solo
Most solos are scales in some key.
for instance
If there arent any flats or sharps, its probably in Cmajor or Aminor.
The scales of Cmajor and Aminor have no sharps or flats.
Interesting question. First you have to figure out if the song is in major or minor, basicly, is it happy or sad? And from there, well....
Requires musical talent, I guess. Sorry I cant help you beyond that.
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i swear one of these threads comes up every week on MT

anyway. yes, learn your circle of fiths, find out what chords belong in what keys, and work from there.

For example, if you find the notes A C# E G# and D, by using the circle of fiths you can assume that the song is in the key of A major/f#minor

check this thread from a couple of days ago for the circle of fiths
usually you can tell by the first chord. once you've been playing longer, you'll be able to know. i know just by watching what they are playing or just by listening. some stuff is different though like with blues for example. they will most likely be playing a major progression but you will usually use a minor scale like the pentatonic.
the first chord is usually the key, but that's definitely not always true. you have
to look at the harmony and the melody and see what chord/note they resolve to.
One of the easiest ways I know of is when the song is over, pause it and play a chord on your guitar.. and if that chord sounds like it finishes the song nicely, then its probably in the key of that chord.